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We have comprehensive experience in this area, rendering, among others, the following services:

> Concession of public services
> Due diligences


> Environmental audit and appraisal on environmental liabilities.
> Legal support on risk management.
> Legal advisory on environmental studies and reports.
> Advisory on environmental compensation programs.

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> Energy Sector
> Telecommunications
> Oil & Gas
> Hospitality
> Mining

Maritime Law

> Preparation and analysis of commercial contracts, services and vessels.
> Analysis and preparation of documentation in order to reduce operating costs and tax.
> Advice for preparation of Logistics and Import Project
> Release of seized goods administratively and judicially.

Civil Law

> Contract analysis and drafting.
> Guarantees analysis and provision.

Corporate Law

We provide assistance in Brazil to domestic and foreign companies, especially in the following areas:

> Incorporation, mergers, acquisition, spin-offs and transformation of companies.
> Acquisitions of control.
> Establishment of consortiums.
> Shareholders agreements.

Intellectual Property

> Procurement and maintenance of intellectual property rights.
> Intellectual property analysis aspects of takeovers, acquisitions, mergers, liquidations, split-off and buy-outs.
> Drafting and analysis of technology transfer, technical assistance, cost-sharing and franchise agreements, patent and trademark license contracts ...

Tax Law

> Consulting and Tax Planning for domestic and foreign customers concerning Brazilian legislation and tax treaties
> Analysis and development of operations for tax costs reduction
> Asset recovery and reduction of tax liabilities
> Defenses in administrative and fiscal execution


We advise and prepare litigation strategies for local and foreign clients, also filing and providing
follow-up on lawsuits in the Judiciary and in arbitration procedures, mainly regarding:

> Labor, social security and pension plan matters
> Appellate practice
> Indemnifications

Entertaiment Law

> Sponsorship agreements
> Assistance to sport clubs
> Athlete transfer agreements
> Representation of artists and athletes

Real Estate

> Real Estate transactions advisory
> Advising on documentation review, preparation and negotiation of Purchase and Sale and Commercial and Residential Lease Elaboration of Bylaws, Condominium Conventions, Shops Statutes, Agreement for Right of Use, General Standards of Lease for Shopping Centers.
> Preparation and coordination of projects "Built to Suit".

Finance and Capital Market

We advise our customers not only on incorporation of financial institutions, but also on transactions carried out by these, such as:

> Domestic and international financing
> Hedge, swaps and export notes
> Real estate investment funds
> Real estate financing

Organizational Identity

Assist our clients in managing their business in response to the growing requirements of economic development and the government administration.


Be the leading organization for the client in the integrated treatment of legal aid, with pro-active role in institutional development.


Excellence in Service
Unique treatment of client's needs and expectations in a prompt, efficient, reliable, with clear language and with continuity.

Sustainability Organization
Ethics and respect for tradition, social , environmental and financial liability.

Continuous Improvement
Continuous office improvement, with trained professionals, specialized, updated and with permanent updating of technology and work process.

Harmony in Relations
Close interaction of our internal team (partners, associates and employees) with clients and suppliers.

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